Watkins Web 1

Critiques on April 25, 27

Next week we will be doing critiques. I realize this project is more hurried than the last, and there is a lot of new material. Nevertheless, it is important for you to get your sites to a state that you can get meaningful feedback from the group. Please be ready to do a quick overview of the material you are working with, then show your design concept (wireframe and/or photoshop mockup), and finally your in-progress HTML and CSS, even if they are not fully functional. If you need help accomplishing some specific goal with your code, feel free to email me.

Group A (Monday, April 25)
Adam Agee
Eric Andre
Richard Cook
Mark Fentriss
Aaron Johnson
Katelyn Joughin
Group B (Wednesday, April 27)
Don Mann
Xavier Payne
Courtney Spencer
Jill Thompson
Kelsey Ullrich
Steve Womack

Good luck with all your work as the semester comes to an end!