Watkins Web 1

Project 3

Here’s Option 1 from from the syllabus:

Create a small web site (one to five pages) that showcases the development of a recent art/design/film project, preferably your own. Walk the visitor through sketches, the process of creating the work, inspirational sources, and commentary. Prioritize creating interesting and relevant site and page structures, rather than applying heavy styling. Balance the consistency and variety of the pages so that the site has a distinct identity without feeling monotonous.

What can you do to create multiply pathways through the material, instead of forcing your audience into a linear slideshow? Take advantage of the medium and attempt to tell your story in ways that would not be possible in print. If you can, incorporate light programming to add modularity, dynamic elements, or user contributions to your site.

Note: I should emphasize that the work you exhibit does not have to be your own. If you want to create a site all about an architectural project, a piece of music, a renaissance painting, or your favorite comic book, go for it. What matters most is that (a) you have access to (or can quickly create) visual material that shows the process by which the work came into being, and (b) you know enough about the work that you can convincingly guide your audience through the material.

I’m also adding Option 2:

If you have started a personal website with Project 2, go ahead and complete it for Project 3. The site should include your résumé and or bio (refined, if necessary) and serve as a portfolio for your art or design work. While a clear structure and logical navigation are important, you should also strive to create a site that reflects your own design or art sensibilities. In other words, don’t make something so generic it could just as easily be applied to another artist. Additional sections are encouraged: essays, links to other sites, etc.