Watkins Web 1

Show and Tell - Andre

Here are the web site I showed during the last class.

by far my favorite was major output. I love how the only content on the page is pixel art made directly on the page and submitted by the visitors. When you see 8-bit pixel art you tend to think that it's really easy, but it's not. Especially with todays computers. It's actually very difficult to find programs, if any, that can do things this simple. Also, because of how limited pixel art is it forces you to be extremely creative within those limits.

major output 1

The image that I started before class was posted on their site.

major output 2

This artist's site was interesting. I liked the art style and I think it went well with the design. The only thing that I didn't like was how it broke the seamless quality when you actually clicked on an image. Opening it into a new window.

hail stone art site

I liked the simplicity of this design. Very clean/high contrast. It would have been nice if the boxes that opened went down when you clicked them again. Something that made it so you didn't have to scroll too much.